- Award winning expert on Breakthrough Leadership and exceptional growth
Jesper er en af verdens førende eksperter inden for rådgivning om markant profitabel vækst.

Jespers motto:
”Hvis din virksomhed ikke vokser, er den ved at dø“.

Alene i 2015 voksede Jespers top-3 kunder med langt over en milliard kroner i omsætning og deres lønsomhed steg med adskillige hundrede millioner kroner. Det seneste studie viser, af Jespers kunder outperformer deres konkurrenter 11:1 på omsætningsvækst.
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The Burning Ambition

In this, my fourth book, I will share all my insights and secrets about breakthrough leadership and

how you create business growth in a zero growth economy.

Thank you for your interest in my new book.

In this, my fourth book, I will share all my insights and ­secrets about breakthrough leadership with you. How you can create extraordinary and lasting breakthrough growth in top and bottom line performance, “simply” by changing the way you lead the company.

From “burning platform” to “burning ambition”

Most industries and companies have now adapted to the new world order of recession or the post-recession zero growth environment. This means that most companies no longer have to fight for their life on a day-to-day basis and the idea of using the “burning platform” is more or less gone. The recession was a great chance to rethink, redirect and reinvent the company. If you utilized that opportunity I guess that your company is close to being in the best shape ever. This means it is time to capitalize on the great additional potential in the marketplace and in the company – by ­creating a “burning ambition”.

The concept of the “burning platform” is pain driven. The situation is painful and you have got to run. “Where to” does not really matter. The alternative, the concept of “burning ambition”, is pleasure driven – it is about a particularly attractive situation or state that you want to realize

– a place you want to go.

Most companies have a huge potential that can be liberated through breakthrough leadership. It is not unlikely that top and bottom-line performance can be grown by 25 to 50 per cent year-on-year via breakthrough leadership.

It all starts with you believing in the additional potential. If you do this in the right way the upside is fantastic and the potential downside is close to non-existent. This is the optimal situation and starting point for your transformation.

Join me on my breakthrough mission.

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– anything becomes possible

The compact GUIDE TO great leadership

Why do we have leaders, and why do we exercise leadership?

The purpose of leadership is to create the desired reality for the company, irrespective of what ­happens around or inside the company. The only ­justification for having leadership, is if we can make the impossible, possible. The company can experience a crisis all by itself. The company can give customers poor service by itself. And the company can fail to meet its budgets, by itself.

The only rationale for having leaders is if we can compensate for the things which are dogging the company, and despite external factors, create the desired results by challenging the mindset within the company about what is possible, and creating dramatic business breakthroughs.

You could say that the fate of companies depends on the effect of the leadership process. The profit implications of good or bad leadership can be counted in the millions – or even billions, as has been shown of late.

Far too many leaders go around in their comfort zone, creating mediocre results compared to their full potential. In the wake of the financial crisis, many people talked about "crisis leadership". The question is, rather, whether the financial crisis created a "leadership crisis"?

Shake off the dust and raise the cap on the changes you are trying to create through your leadership. Challenge yourself, the company, and each employee – today!

Shareholders and boards should demand that Jesper Elling be a compulsory element of all strategy development. He is able to eliminate mediocrity, and create a mindset and actions that deliver extraordinary results.


CIO, Kenneth Egelund Schmidt, Carlsberg

Jesper J. Elling has the recipe for HUGE BREAKTHROUGHS. If you are curious as to whether the i-mpossible really is possible – let Jesper lead you on a journey of discovery! It will require COURAGE as a leader, but it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT – for the organisation, your leader team, your company owners or board, and for you personally.


Charlotte Møller-Andersen, Director, D&B

Working with Jesper Elling is always a very dynamic experience. He is actually an accelerator 'in person', and the potential within your business is far greater than you think or dare believe.


Jesper Brøckner, CEO,Telia Danmark

Jesper J. Elling has gone to -extraordinary lengths to establish Breakthrough Thinking at TDC.


Carsten Dilling, Senior Executive VP Operations, TDC

Jesper J. Elling was determined to cut to the bone and keep this, his third book, under 100 pages in length. The bold message is extremely focused, with no unnecessary sidetracks, out of respect for the reader’s busy schedule.

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